Application Submission

The person interested visits the web site of Union Hellenic Chambers of Commerce and applying a special form for the acquisition of DS. Furthermore, the web site informs him, that he should also sign in the web site of ERMIS, followed by the relative instructions.

Check by the Department

The employee of Chamber is informed for the application of the interested person and checks:

  • If he is a member of the Chamber
  • If he has financial oblications. If that happens, the system dispatches automatically updating to be carried out

Automatic message for the payment

If the check is achieved, the system dispatch automatically to the interested person a message with:

  • The identity of the payment (IKP)
  • The cost of acquisition of DS and
  • Informs him, that through the next message he will be called in the Chamber for the identification of his data and the activation of DS.

Automatic message for the attendance in the Chamber

After the completion of the payment through the interbank system JUPITER, the status of the application changes in “paid” and the system automatically sends to the interested person a message, so as to attend in the Chamber for the identification of his data and the activation of DS.

Identification of the data and activation of DS.

During the visit of the interested person in the Chamber, the pertinent employee:


  • Identifies the data of his sign in the site ERMIS with his identity and his data.
  • Protocols the application of acquisition DS,
  • Sweeps and stores the signed application -solemn statement and a photocopy of his identity


The activation of DS should become exclusively by the owner of DS for obvious reasons of safety by choosing one of the following ways:

  • In the interested person’s office with specific written instructions.
  • In the Chamber with the help of the pertinent employee.