The digital signature ensures the validity of an electronic document that protects the authenticity and integrity. Also, in conjunction with the timestamp additionally ensures no disclaimer of signatory. The digital signature allows the recipient of a document to verify the signatory’s identity (authentication) and ensure that the content has not been tampered with (integrity). Any change in the electronic document after signing, it cancels the document, protecting it from alteration or forgery.

The Union of Hellenic Chambers (UHCG) acting in order to reinforce the Greek business and generally any productive sector of the economy, ensure through the Chambers, to provide quality value-added services to enterprises – members. In particular the JMD 23204 / 13.07.2015 (Government Gazette 1475 / 07.14.2015), which defines UHCG “as registration authority” and the local Chambers “as executive offices,” provide the business community, the possibility recording – identification and activation of immaterial digital signature. This service is a very important effort to upgrade and modernize the electronic services provided by the Chamber Bodies of the country to their members, for the promotion of electronic business transactions and electronic publishing and distribution of documents through the application and use of intangible digital signatures, with the aim to set an example of best practice at European level.

What are the advantages of intangible digital signature?

The intangible digital signature holder may sign electronically, a digital document from any PC. You must have Internet access only, without having to install any special software.

For the One Time Password (OTP), the owner does not need to use a usb stick, but the system automatically sends to the mobile phone, the necessary code.

The acquisition cost of intangible digital signature, it is cheaper by about 30%, from classical digital signature.

Ease of obtaining a digital signature with a single visit to the local Chamber.

Process of acquiring intangible digital signature (DS)

First step – electronic application submission
Through the UHC website and banner «Application for the acquisition of intangible digital signature” you submit the online application. Then through the portal “Hermes”, is the online registration acquisition of digital signature certification.

Second step – checking cash clearance
An official of the Chamber declared the application is informed of the request of the person concerned and checks if a member of the Chamber and cash aware.
If everything is OK, the system automatically sends a message to the person concerned, by the payment identification, the DS acquisition cost and inform him that the next message will be invited to the Chamber for the identification and activation of DS.
If there are outstanding cash, the system automatically sends the relevant information for processing.

Third step – electronic payment DS acquisition cost
Updating of payments from the DIAS interbank system, the system automatically sends a message to the person concerned to report to the Chamber for the identification and activation of DS.

Fourth step – identification and activation
By visiting the interested in the Chamber, the authorizing officer to identify the identity (through the “HERMES» site), register the application scans and stores the application, the signed application – affirmation and a photocopy of his identity.

Enabling DS can be done in two ways: a) At the Chamber with the assistant of an officer, dedicated for this job. b) At the premises concerned with specific written instructions.